Acharya Kaushik Ji


Vishwakarma Puja is celebrated to worship Lord Vishwakarma. He is the chief architect and engineer of the Gods. Vishwakarma Ji knows as the creation of many mythological cities and weapons. He is immensely popular among Hindus. All professionals including craftsmen and workers worship Him on his birthday and celebrate this day as Vishwakarma Puja.

As Lord Vishwakarma is the God of Engineering and Architecture; in factories, workshops, and industries performs Vishwakarma Puja. All professionals including craftsmen, workers, engineers, and architects, celebrate the festival with great devotion, joy, and enthusiasm.

Lord Vishwakarma bestows his special blessings on persons who worship him on this day. He grants them knowledge, working skills, and efficiency so that they may excel in their field.

With the help of the Vishwakarma Puja, machinery and equipment are kept in excellent condition and industries flourish with his blessings. Normally, on this day, after Vishwakarma Puja, machines are allowed to rest and the holiday is declared for workers.

A statue or picture of Lord Vishwakarma is placed in the factory on this day. All workers gather in one place and offer prayers to Lord Vishwakarma. Gifts are distributed to workers.