Acharya Kaushik Ji

Grabh Puja

Griha Puja, also known as Housewarming Puja, is a Hindu ritual performed when a person moves into a new home. It involves prayers, offerings, and rituals to purify and bless the new home, bringing peace, prosperity, and good fortune to the residents. During the Griha Puja, offerings are made to the gods, particularly to the deity of the home, and prayers are said for the well-being and protection of the family. The Griha Puja is an important tradition in Hindu culture and is performed with great devotion and reverence.

Benefits of GRABH PUJA

  1. Blessing and Purifying the Home: Griha Puja is believed to bless and purify the new home, removing any negative energy or obstacles.

  2. Bringing Peace and Happiness: The Griha Puja is said to bring peace, happiness, and prosperity to the residents of the new home.

  3. Enhancing Family Bonds: The Griha Puja is often performed with family and friends, which helps to enhance relationships and foster a sense of unity.

  4. Aiding in Financial Success: Griha Puja is believed to help attract financial success, stability, and growth.

  5. Protecting the Home: The blessings from the Griha Puja are believed to provide protection and security for the residents of the new home.